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Facial reflexology 

Facial reflexology uses reflex points on the face to balance the entire body, in the same way as foot, hand and ear reflexology. It is ideal for anyone with stress, anxiety, headaches or sinus issues, or for anyone who prefers not to have their feet touched. It is a deeply relaxing experience.


Facial reflexology is especially good for stress, and we know stress contributes to many illnesses, such as mood imbalances, hormonal issues, high blood pressure, gut issues, and more. Facial reflexology aims to support you through stressful times, and by providing a relaxing experience it can help to release endorphins (the body's natural painkillers) into the body, helping you to feel better.


Facial reflexology not only helps to support well being, but the gentle facial movements offer a natural alternative to chemical facials. I only use natural oils on the face, such as jojoba oil or rosehip oil.

Please do not book a facial reflexology tretament within 3 weeks of having botox or facial fillers, or within 3 months of facial surgery such as a facelift.

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Nicki gives a wonderfully relaxing and gental treatment, leaving you feeling pampered and deeply relaxed. After a treatment with Nicki, focusing on my hormones, I noticed a vast improvement on the condition of my skin. Thank you Nicki.

Laura W

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Try virtual reflexology!

Facial reflexology is also available as a virtual session over Zoom. I will set up a Zoom meeting for your appointment time, and during the treatment you will mirror my movements on your own face to relieve stress and anxiety and provide support for your well being.


You will need a screen large enough to be able to see me clearly (a laptop or desktop computer is ideal), and you will need to be able to access Zoom. 

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