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Foot reflexology

Reflexology is traditionally carried out on the feet, using gentle pressure on the different reflex points.

It may be used to help support you through an illness or stressful time, or just to maintain well being. Many people have found it beneficial to relieve stress, balance hormones, balance mood, reduce aches and pains, and boost the immune system. I work with people of all ages, from the well to the terminally ill, and I have a particular interest in mental health, immune disease, cancer, and supporting women before, during and after pregnancy.

An hour's treatment gives you time to stop and relax while your feet receive a treatment that will help you rebalance and feel better!

I have been amazed at how seeing Nicki regularly has helped with stress and keeping me well. Her lovely, caring manner make it much more than just a treatment. I highly recommend Nicki if you are looking for an overall therapy.

Carmel R

Nicki is gentle, warm, giving and beautiful soul. I've attended two reflexology sessions with her and I'm already seeing a difference in both my mood and health. Her method helped me become completely relaxed, and helped me think clearly for the first time in quite a while. Plus, her demeanor is just lovely! The complete package for reflexology, I cannot recommend her enough!

Rei L

Nicki is lovely and my reflexology session was too. I shall definitely be booking another one, an hour off my feet and relaxing was heaven, highly recommend.

Laura S

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