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Hot stone reflexology

Hot stones can be added to a reflexology treatment to provide a slower, deeper, more luxurious treatment.


Heat from the stones penetrates into the muscles, bringing about physical and emotional change. Treatments feel soothing, comforting and deeply relaxing. As the entire body relaxes, stresses are eased.




Hot stones have been used therapeutically throughout history, with evidence dating back to Ancient Egypt, the Shang Dynasty in China, and the Incas.


Hot stone treatments:

  • Increase blood circulation by widening the smallest blood vessels

  • Release tension in connective tissues 

  • Release tension in muscles, helping them relax


I use basalt stones. These are dark, dense stones that have been washed smooth along river beds and sea shores.


Treatments start with hot stone calf massage before using the stones on the reflexes of the feet to enhance the reflexology treatment. 


Stones are hot, but not too hot to handle, and the heat can be adjusted to suit each client.


Hot stone reflexology is a slower treatment and is suitable for almost everyone. It can be used during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.


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