The stress of trying to start a family

Last time I wrote, I wrote a post about the benefits of reflexology in pregnancy. That's all very well, but what if you can't get pregnant? The average age for a first pregnancy has gradually risen over the last decade or so and it's now over 30 in New Zealand. Thirty really isn't old at all for a first baby, but that means there are a lot of women well over 30 trying for a family for a first time, and for some of them it might not be so easy. There are so many reasons why women are leaving it later to start their families, but careers, travel, the cost of children, the cost of housing, and finding the right person to have children with are just a few of the factors. Maybe you're still young

Pregnant? Try reflexology!

The one thing everyone agrees on when it comes to reflexology is that it's relaxing. And relaxation is something you need when you'r

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