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Choosing a Reflexologist

So, you've decided you want a reflexology treatment and you're looking for a local reflexologist. How do you choose who to see? Reflexology is getting more and more popular, and there are quite a few reflexologists out there hoping to get your business!

Check their qualifications

This is really important and maybe the first thing you should do. Unfortunately, reflexology isn't regulated. That means anyone can offer reflexology treatments. Unless you check, it's impossible to know whether your potential therapist has just read a reflexology book, done an online course, done a few days of training, or got a diploma after a year of study. And this means there can be a big difference in the treatment you get! A foot massage is nice, but it's not the same as reflexology. If you've tried reflexology and it did nothing for you, was your therapist fully qualified?

If you want a proper reflexology treatment, ask your potential therapist how long they studied reflexology itself. It should be at least 9 -10 months and they should have a certificate or diploma in reflexology. Many people study reflexology as part of a general course and have only done a week or two of actual reflexology.

If your practitioner is registered with Reflexology New Zealand, you know they're good. You've found one of the top reflexologists in the country! (There are fewer than 100 of us.)

Look for a Reflexologist!

This might seem silly, but lots of people provide reflexology but maybe don't think of themselves as Reflexologists.

Who looks like they are passionate about reflexology? Who calls themselves a Reflexologist, rather than someone who does reflexology as one of maybe many other things? You want someone who believes in reflexology, not someone who just does it occasionally as another string to their bow. A proper reflexologist will not only be fully qualified but will also have kept up with their reflexology training and learning.

Use your instincts

What do they charge? If something looks too good to be true, it probably is! A cheap treatment means you might not be getting a professional treatment, and why waste money on something that isn't the real deal? Better to save up and pay a bit more for something that works.


Of course, if you find someone you love who gives you great treatments that leave you feeling good, that's fantastic. But if you've tried reflexology and weren't sure about it, why not try it again? Maybe you just had the wrong Reflexologist!

Nicki Lampon (Reflexologist, MRNZ)

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